Is Now a Good Time To Buy a Car?

As people have been buying cars left and right, it’s natural for one to wonder if now’s the right time to purchase a vehicle. While supply constraints have made it hard for everyone, you can still find the car you are looking for and even acquire a vehicle for a decent bargain. So yes, it is an excellent time to buy a car today! And with newly released vehicles and pre-owned cars still in the market, there are still a ton of options to choose from.

Getting a New Car in 2022

With dealer inventories being filled with newer vehicles, they are starting to make sales and negotiate deals with consumers before their stock gets old. Now would be an excellent time to take advantage of that situation, wherein you could get a brand-new car way cheaper than it normally costs. This may not be applicable to all dealerships, but you can always ask them and arrange a deal that works for you.

Used Cars Are Still a Great Option

If you’re not looking for a new car, then secondhand vehicles are the way to go. The growth of interest rates means keeping an inventory of older used cars is becoming more popular. After all, dealerships lose money for each day they are unable to sell a car. Many secondhand car dealerships used to go back to auctions to resell pre-owned cars for a higher price. Now they sell vehicles at lower prices despite paying a higher cost for it.

Purchase the Car You Need Today

With the short supply and high demand, it would be hard to purchase a new vehicle for a good deal. Typically, it’s easiest to buy brand new cars at low prices at the end of the year since dealerships aim for incentives from manufacturers that require volume-based sales. But due to the scarcity of car parts and cars themselves, these incentives became a thing of the past.

We may encounter end of the year bargains, wherein dealerships would sell new cars that were made earlier in the year, as long as losses are fewer than projected. When tax refunds reach buyers’ hands, there may be a rise in used vehicle prices again. Nevertheless, if you want to buy a car, now would be the right time. Contact Bravo’s Auto World in Cathedral City, CA for more information.